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Apache Solr

Powerful search engine for your application

Apache Solr is one of the most popular and powerful search engine. Here is a basic overview how to configure Solr to work with TYPO3 websites via tx_solr extension. The configuration involves many settings at various locations. Hope the following information will help you.

Basic workflow of Solr set up for TYPO3 tx_solr extension

  • Install solr at /var/lib/solr
  • Create your custom solr folder
  • Confirm start.jar present in the new folder
  • Copy the typo3lib folder where solr is installed
  • Add the entry in the solr.xml file (path solr/solr.xml)
  • Create the core directories (e.g. website1, website1/data, website1/conf)
  • Create the zoo.cfg
  • Modify the solrconfig.xml, schema.xml under conf directory in core
  • Run the solr server (bin/solr -d customfolder)

Using tx_solr extension

To use the extension tx_solr from TYPO3 TER, copy the jar file containing the plugin classes into your $SOLR_HOME/lib directory and then add the following to your solrconfig.xml file:

<queryParser name="typo3access" class="org.typo3.solr.search.AccessFilterQParserPlugin" />

In your schema.xml add a field like this:

<field name="access" type="string" indexed="false" stored="true" docValues="true" default="c:0" />

Finally, restart your servlet container.

Using Tikka with tx_solr

1. Upload the TIKA app.jar on the webserver
2. Set the path of the TIKA jar (absolute), java path, Solr path in extension configuration
3. Verify from report section