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Fluid Wiki

TYPO3 is maintaining the Fluid Wiki extremely well. One can refer the Wiki page at https://wiki.typo3.org/Fluid. Our attempt is only to provide few quick tips for developers visiting our website.

Generating a URL in Fluid


Adding custom ViewHelper in Fluid

Adding following snippet on top of a Fluid template will look for view helper classes in Map\Classes\ViewHelpers

{namespace arm=ARM\Map\ViewHelpers}

Fluid ViewHelper for TYPO3 version less than 6.0, use the following syntax

{namespace arm=Tx_Map_ViewHelpers}

Backend module pagination

<f:be.widget.paginate objects="{records}" as="paginatedRecords" configuration="{itemsPerPage: settings.itemsPerPage}">

Alternate way of calling Fluid ViewHelper

{f:format.date(date:datetime, format:'Y-m-d')}

Calling TypoScript snippet

lib.main is a typoscript block available in page template

<f:cObject typoscriptObjectPath="lib.main" />