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Website hosting services

Hosting plans starts from USD18 per year ($1.5/month)

We offer low cost hosting services. But unlike other web host, we provide manual support for each and every client. We do not distinguish between economical plan/professional plan as far as customer support is concerned. We provide complete support for existing websites to get transfer to our hosting. Just contact us, we will be happy to be at your service.

Basic hosting plan

Our Rs. 1000/- (USD 18/-) hosting plan includes:

  1.  PHP 5.4+
  2.  MySQL 5.5+
  3.  cURL support
  4.  Apache Rewrite
  5.  1 domain
  6.  5 sub-domains
  7.  2 email accounts
  8. 128 MB RAM
  9.  300 MB storage
  10.  FTP support
  11.  Unlimited bandwidth
  12.  Unlimited traffic
  13.  Weekly backup
  14.  Website set up support
  15.  On service support within 24 hours

We do not make any false claim of unlimited storage. Any shared hosting provider claiming unlimited storage  is 100% lie! There will be a clause of 50000 (or similar) file count and file size limit in their terms. So, it is can never be unlimited storage under these clauses.

We also provide professional and customized hosting packages depending on your need. Just send us your hosting requirements and we will get back to you with our expert advice and hosting package.