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TYPO3 Services

We do TYPO3 CMS, Flow & Neos development

We offer solutions for TYPO3 CMS, Neos and Flow requirements. We are a development company and specialize in TYPO3 CMS. We are one of best TYPO3 development team and offer top quality services. We provide all kinds of TYPO3 services including hosting. Here is an overview of the TYPO3 (sometime misspelled as typo 3) services we offer.

TYPO3 CMS Website

TYPO3 development

TYPO3 website or TYPO3 CMS website refer to a website created using the famous TYPO3 cms. We develop websites using TYPO3 cms. TYPO3 is the number one contender for our cms services. TYPO3 cms offers many features and flexibilities to its users. It has a very strong and active community. There is a huge list of TYPO3 extensions in the TYPO3 TER (TYPO3 extension repository), which can be downloaded for free and easily integrated to your TYPO3 website. Please note, we should use the word TYPO3 and not Typo3 or typo 3!

TYPO3 Development

TYPO3 development is general means developing a website using TYPO3 cms. Creation of website in TYPO3 involves creating TYPO3 template, integrate it to the TYPO3 installation using TypoScript. It may also include installing few TYPO3 extensions from the TYPO3 TER or custom development. e.g. RealURL (a TYPO3 TER extension), which gives a SEO friendly url to your TYPO3 website. This extension has a complete majority for TYPO3 realurl. Few other popular TYPO3 ter extensions are news, tt_news, formhandler, powermail, dd_googlesitemap. Installing extensions and configuring them for use in the TYPO3 website, creating TYPO3 template together is known as TYPO3 integration.

TYPO3 Extension Development
Many a time, TYPO3 websites need some specific functional requirement, which TER extensions cannot provide or will make huge overhead. In these situation, developing custom TYPO3 extension comes very handy. We are one of the best TYPO3 extension developer, we use TYPO3 fluid template engine in our extensions. Fluid templates provides lot of flexibility over classic marker based templates.

TYPO3 Bootstrap

TYPO3 bootstrap mean packing your front-end templates, css files, image & other media files and needed typoscript into a TYPO3 bootstrap theme extension. TYPO3 bootstrap extension provides the option to change the look and feel (theme) of your TYPO3 website with 2-3 clicks. Another very important feature of bootstrap extension is, it allows you to use file repositories for your files. 

ARM Technologies specializes in developing TYPO3 bootstrap extension. We are using TYPO3 bootstrap extension since release of TYPO3 version 4.5 and we are expert of TYPO3 bootstrap. Our TYPO3 bootstrap extension can virtually include any twitter bootstrap theme, Google materialize theme or any other front-end theme.


If you already have your website layout done, then we at ARM Technologies will migrate the PSD file into a complete TYPO3 website. We will analyze the PSD layout, suggest functionality and extensions that will be required and develop the website. We will create html template, write the css the file and make them into TYPO3 fluid template and package them as bootstrap extension.

Our TYPO3 services at a glance

  • TYPO3 CMS website
  • TYPO3 development
  • Custom extension development
  • TYPO3 bootstrap extension
  • Integrate TYPO3 TER extensions
  • TypoScript
  • TYPO3 template
  • Fluid template
  • Flow development
  • Neos development
  • Migrate Flow extension to Neos
  • HTML code to TYPO3 template
  • PSD to TYPO3 (psd2typo3)
  • Update TYPO3 version
  • Provide TYPO3 developer